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About The Practitioner

Darrell Rublee, LMT, Registered in New York State

I graduated Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Rochester, NY. I am currently a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State.   

I believe massage is an integral part of any wellness program.  I will work  to customize your needs into a complete treatment plan.    Don't let the stress build up.  Book an appointment with me and we will work together to create the right plan in massage therapy for you.  Whether its Deep Tissue or Sports Massage or Enhanced Relaxation, I can customize a massage that will meet your needs.   I will use Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Accupressure techniques to design a massage just for you!

Massage can help many types of problems and conditions.  Massage can help relieve pain from sore achy back and neck.  In today's world of using high tech devices, there is increasing tension in upper back and neck areas.   Massage can help.  

For the active adult, massage can help keep your body loose as you exercise.  If appropriate, stretching can be integrated with the massage experience, to help those tense and hard worked muscles.

Work and life balance can be challenge for everyone.  Particularly when the work and life balance becomes too stressful, massage can help center your body and provide the relaxation to recover.  Massage can help alleviate anxiety,  allowing your body time to heal.  

And, if you want to simply relax, massage is a great way to treat your body to the ultimate experience!

Massage Therapy is my second career after spending many years as a technology manager in today's business world. In addition to my recent completion of massage therapy studies, I also have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from State University New York at Brockport.

I love to travel, explore, and experience the natural wonders of our world.   Exploring our forests, whether the forests are high in the mountains or nestled in a creek valley, is one of my favorite activities.  I have been fortunate to visit many of our national parks, and have a goal to visit all of them some day!


Trail near Falzeben, Italy September 2018

Trail near Falzeben, Italy September 2018